Get To Know Germer- Brianna Peterson

Written by: Brianna Peterson


School: Penn State University

Major: Business, Marketing and Management

Graduation Year: 2017

  1. What is your title at Germer? Associate Pharmaceutical Recruiter
  2. When did you start at Germer/ how long have you been here? I started my career with Germer in February 2018! I am going on my one-year anniversary.
  3. What is one piece of advice you would give to a fresh graduate job searching? One piece of advice I would give a fresh graduate is to stay patient and don’t be hard on yourself. The perfect job for you is out there! Don’t jump on the first opportunity that you learn about, explore your options and take your time on finding out what job will truly make you happy. Don’t get frustrated when you don’t hear back from employers and be hard on yourself, take one interview at a time, be yourself and the right job for you will come!
  4. What is the hardest part of transitioning into full time work? The hardest part of transitioning into full time work is finding the right home/work life balance. Finding the right balance between work, taking care of yourself mentally and physically, and maintaining a great social life is key to being stress-free, and to do that you need to stay organized and have discipline and understand what true priorities are.
  5. What is your favorite part about working at Germer? My favorite part about
    working here at Germer is the work culture. Everybody here is always looking out for one another and helping them grow professionally and personally. I started my career a year ago with Germer and since then I have learned how to be successful in my career and gained a level of maturity and confidence that I did not have a year ago.
  6. What is your favorite part of post-graduate life at Germer? My favorite part of post-graduate life at Germer is the independence Germer gives you to be yourself and to grow yourself at home and in your career.
  7. What is your favorite part of working with candidates from start to offer? My favorite part of the start to finish process with candidates is the relationship that I build with a candidate. I love learning all about their accomplishments in their career, their family, and where they see themselves going next in their lives. When I’m able to help that person find the next chapter in their career that is going to bring them happiness, it feels awesome!
  8. What is the most challenging part of this job and how do you overcome this challenge? The most challenging part of this job is getting candidates to trust in the recruiting process and that I am trying to help them get to the next step of their career. Some candidates can get frustrated with certain questions and topics we must bring up such as salary and family needs. My job is to ask you those questions so that I can negotiate on your behalf if or when an offer is on the table. When candidates do not want to discuss these topics, it can be hard for us as recruiters to negotiate on your behalf with clients, because we are going in blind. I overcome this challenge mostly by explain to a candidate and being as transparent as I can regarding the steps of the process and why I need to touch on these topics.
  9. What is the most important lesson you have learned since graduating college? Check up from the neck up. After you graduate college, things in your life really do change. It changes for the better but leaping into full adulthood has its challenges and sometimes you just need to stop and take a few minutes to remind yourself of your accomplishments, to set goals for yourself and recognize when you achieve them, and that you are doing the best you can do!