Why is a Recruiter Asking for My Salary?


Why is a Recruiter Asking for My Salary? By: Les Schafer Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “the good recruiters are here to help me”. Remember we talked about this in a previous blog (Why work with a recruiter)?  So, building from that conversation let’s talk about salary. Recruiter: “So, Mr. or Mrs. [...]

Why is a Recruiter Asking for My Salary?2020-11-01T11:50:50-05:00

Following up, Show your Interest!


Following up, show your interest! By Hannah Ferguson To my surprise, a lot of candidates have told me that they “don’t want to show their cards” or “don’t want to seem too desperate” in a job search.  I agree that seeming too desperate may not come off the best, but showing too little interest can [...]

Following up, Show your Interest!2020-10-19T08:57:38-04:00

Video Interviewing Tips


Video Interviewing Tips By Kelly Mikulski  In today’s challenging times more and more employers are conducting video interviews in place of in person interviews to fill the positions they have open. You should prepare for the interview the same way you would if you were going onsite and do your homework. If you have a [...]

Video Interviewing Tips2020-09-08T10:01:43-04:00

Revamp Your Old Technology!


Revamp Your old Technology! Written by: Michael Stowe, Operations Intern ________________________________________________________________   It was time, Germer was gearing up to move offices (boy was that fun). I was in the process of finishing the spreadsheet project I started a month before when I was tasked with something new.  I happened to talk about my knowledge [...]

Revamp Your Old Technology!2019-12-22T21:03:55-05:00

When Interviewing, Mention ALL of Your Skills!


When Interviewing, Mention ALL of Your Skills! By Michael Stowe , Operations Intern  ______________________________________________________________________________________________ When on the hunt for a new job or going through the interview process we always make sure to mention the key skills that will get us the job and may overlook those that are not directly relevant. MENTION THEM!! Going through [...]

When Interviewing, Mention ALL of Your Skills!2019-12-22T21:04:35-05:00

Why Did My Recruiter Ask Where Else I’m Interviewing?


Why Did My Recruiter Ask Where Else I'm Interviewing? Written By: Catherine Stier, Director of Recruiting & Innovation  The great thing about being a recruiter is that your friends call you for advice on working with other recruiters, or negotiating job offers, or interview etiquette. Recently, a friend called to tell me that she received [...]

Why Did My Recruiter Ask Where Else I’m Interviewing?2019-12-22T21:07:02-05:00

Say Thanks!


Say Thanks!    Written by: Hannah Ferguson, Associate Pharmaceutical Recruiter So you’ve just finished interviewing for a job and you are wondering what your next steps should be.  Well, there are a few things you can do. First, before you leave the interview, ask about next steps and when you should expect to hear back.  [...]

Say Thanks!2019-12-22T21:07:54-05:00

Why Should I Call My Recruiter After My Interview?


Why Should I Call My Recruiter After My Interview? Written by: Brianna Peterson, Associate Pharmaceutical Recruiter You just had your interview, it went great, now what do you do? Call your recruiter! Why should you call us? For starters, as recruiters we have an inside connection with the organization you just interviewed for, and we [...]

Why Should I Call My Recruiter After My Interview?2019-12-22T21:08:53-05:00

What’s your DiSC Style?


What’s your DiSC Style? Written by: Allison Flitter , Pharmaceutical Recruiter  Throughout our typical day, we can spend anywhere from 2-3 hours on the phone with candidates, clients and other Germer International employees. Communication is key in recruiting as well as life. We spent a Friday in December working on improving our communication skills. The [...]

What’s your DiSC Style?2019-12-22T21:10:34-05:00
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