Flora Koo
Flora KooDirector of Operations

Flora Koo

Director of Operations

Flora is responsible for ensuring all day-to-day operations are running smoothly, effectively, and consistently. Her main goal while training the recruiters at Germer International is to ensure that all procedures/policies, refined by John Germer and herself, are followed by all Recruiters and Executive Account Managers on staff. She also spearheads Germer International’s training program, teaching new recruiters our sales standards and knowledge gained by John Germer’s twenty-five plus years of recruiting experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. Flora and her team specialize in the functional areas of Research and Development (Analytical Chemistry, Formulation, Pharmacology, and Organic Chemistry), Finance, Engineering, Regulatory, Clinical Research, Production, and in Quality Assurance.

Her varied background prior to Germer International includes working in the field of Veterinary Medicine in Pennsylvania and in New York, after receiving her DVM degree in Veterinary Medicine from Kon Kuk University of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to her work in the field of Veterinary Medicine, she was a Senior English Instructor at a corporate training facility while living in Seoul, Korea.

Having lived abroad for many years, Flora has learned to appreciate all different types of cultures and lifestyles. This learning experience has enriched her ability to stay in-tune with candidates she works with and to empathize with them in each and every situation.

During her free time, Flora relishes in spending time with her husband, Reni, and her young toddler, Mason. As a family, they enjoy going on nature walks, taking weekend get-away trips to NYC, and overall, spending quality time with family and friends. Mason took his first airplane ride recently to South Korea and enjoyed every minute of it!