Senior Process Chemist


High Point, NC 27260



Position is directed toward optimization of existing chemical routes and development of alternate chemistry toward key synthetic intermediates and APIs. Carries out multistep chemical synthesis and product isolation/purification operations in the laboratory, independently or as part of an integrated team. Chemist utilizes modern analytical tools to determine identity and purity of products made during the course of projects. Communication with clients in regular team meetings; prepares R&D reports at the conclusion of projects.


  • Design and carry out multistep organic syntheses, isolation, and purification of targeted products.
  • Must possess a strong understanding of modern organic synthesis methodologies.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of modern analytical and spectroscopic techniques, and must possess the ability to interpret the corresponding data and spectra.
  • Ability to conduct literature searches for specific target compounds and/or be able to use the literature to base a design of alternate routes to these compounds.
  • Stay updated on current scientific literature and discuss these findings with colleagues.
  • Be able to demonstrate a proficiency to carry out laboratory syntheses and purification techniques on scales ranging from milligrams to several kilograms, and design and implement process modifications.
  • The chemist should require minimal supervision, and be able to successively complete projects while working independently.
  • Be able to organize work time efficiently so that several operations can be carried out simultaneously.
  • Demonstrate ability to write comprehensive reports at the conclusion of projects for internal and customer use.
  • Work closely with other chemistry and analytical laboratory staff to coordinate project activities and resource usage.
  • Work to ensure that a spirit of teamwork and cooperation exists within the group at all times.
  • Exhibit safety awareness and safe work practices. Conduct laboratory operations in a safe manner.
  • Maintain familiarity with the company’s chemical hygiene plan. Follow responsible actions regarding chemical disposal. Maintain compliance with all regulations at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Address routine administrative requirements in a timely fashion.
  • Possess effective communication skills (both interpersonal and presentations). Participate in project team meetings with customers.
  • Work closely with manufacturing and GMP operations to coordinate project related equipment and activities.
  • Maintain a clean, safe laboratory work area.


  • PhD in Organic Chemistry or Equivalent degree with at least 2 years of hands on experience in pharmaceutical/chemical process development
  • MS in Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, or Medicinal Chemistry with at least 4 years of hands on experience in pharmaceutical/chemical process development
  • BS in Chemistry with at least 6 years of hands on experience in pharmaceutical/chemical process development
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