Why Should I Call My Recruiter After My Interview?

Written by: Brianna Peterson, Associate Pharmaceutical Recruiter

You just had your interview, it went great, now what do you do? Call your recruiter! Why should you call us? For starters, as recruiters we have an inside connection with the organization you just interviewed for, and we made sure to broadcast you in the best light possible to get to that interview. We work closely with our clients and gain a certain amount of trust from them, we understand who they want in this role, and we submitted you to this role because of this.

One thing we do before sending your information to clients is take the time to fully understand, not only what the clients want to fill a specific role, but we took the time to make sure your needs and the client’s needs match up. Now that we have determined that the match is there, we send your information over and BOOM-you just landed an interview.

If you enjoyed your interview and feel this organization is one you need to be a part of, we can reinforce this. If the interview has helped you realize that it isn’t the right fit, we can also close the loop with the client in a way that keeps the door open for the future.

When you call your recruiter back after your interview it shows how interested you are in moving forward with the opportunity. It also shows that you have a sense of urgency and good follow-up. When our client calls us to give us their feedback and we have already spoken with you, this shows the client how interested and excited you are in moving forward. Our clients trust our judgement and want our opinion on candidates. If this was a slam dunk interview and you want to be hired, we will go out of our way to do everything we can to make sure clients understand what they would be passing up if they waste any time in this process.

As recruiters, we take the time to get to know you, we understand what you want and need in your next career step, therefore giving us a call and letting us know you’re still interested will help us start the negotiation process on making sure you get the offer you deserve. As recruiters we are one of the first people that will hear the offer the client is about to give. If we feel this offer does not reflect what you deserve, we will make sure to negotiate on your behalf to achieve the offer you want to accept.

Putting your trust in us is something that we value. We as recruiters understand this adds extra steps to the process but we appreciate the trust you put into us, to help you make the next step in your career. We chose to represent you because we feel you can do the job and provide our client the skills they are looking for while finding happiness in your own development. We can provide a huge benefit in your next career step, so give us a call after your interview, and we will do everything in our power to land you an offer you deserve!