Research Scientist


Coventry, RI



Research Principal Scientist:

The position requires that the candidate be knowledgeable in the art of organic synthesis on the laboratory scale. The candidate must be must have a good understanding of synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry as it relates to the pharmaceutical research and development and related fields.

It is desirable that the candidate has and familiarity with science of scale principles and increased understanding and appreciation of how laboratory scale work translates to commercial scale manufacturing. The candidate must have the experience and mechanical aptitude to assemble, operate and disassemble standard laboratory equipment used for organic synthesis, including routine glassware, common laboratory instrumentation, vacuum lines and compressed gases, chromatography and distillation and other isolation techniques.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Have a BS in chemistry with 2 plus years of experience in API process development. MS preferred.
  • Knowledge of chemical reaction mechanisms.
  • Knowledge of functional group compatibilities, preparations and transformations.
  • Broad-based knowledge of the hazards of working with organic chemicals, chemicals.
  • Working knowledge of the techniques of chemical analysis, including TLC, GC, HPLC, NMR and IR, and the interpretation of the results of these analytical methods.
  • Skilled in the retro-synthetic analysis of chemical structures.
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