Executive Director, Business Development


Boston, MA



Critical to this position is the experience in performing in-depth analyses of products, therapeutic areas and companies to support development, licensing, and M&A activities. The ability to make professional and credible first impressions with internal and external customers and write/present clear, succinct and convincing presentations at varying levels of detail depending on the project scope and audience is important to this position. This position is primarily responsible for supporting senior management decision making and leading related activities such as:

  • Screening products, companies, and therapeutic areas to support development
  • Licensing and/or M&A activities
  • Coordinating due diligence of licensing opportunities
  • Product/market financial modeling
  • Developing and coordinating market research
  • Preparing in-and out-licensing packages
  • Negotiation lead and/or support, contract review, supporting and elucidating corporate strategy
  • Internal cross functional communication.


  • Masters of Business Administration or graduate degree in life sciences required.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience working for a pharmaceutical/biotech company in business development, licensing, or strategic analysis capacities or experience working for a consulting firm or investment bank focused on the pharmaceutical/biotech markets with additional pharmaceutical/biotech industry experience.

Knowledge/Skills Needed:

  • Strong analytical, communication, project management and project leadership skills, as well as the ability to execute plans/projects on rigid timetables, are essential.
  • A broad business understanding of the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and the ability to coordinate cross-functionally is essential.
  • A thorough understanding of financial evaluation techniques (especially forecasting, pro-forma product P&L modeling, cost analysis and probability adjusted NPV’s) is important. Experience with qualitative and quantitative market research techniques is preferred.
  • Ability to perform complex financial calculations such as product forecasting, pro-forma product P&L modeling (including sensitivity analyses), probability adjusted net present value, internal rate of return, etc.
  • Ability to apply principles of logic or scientific thinking to a wide range of complex intellectual and practical problems. Ability to understand scientific concepts and to analyze unrelated and sometimes incomplete data to make significant judgments about external and internal business issues and concepts.
  • Ability to identify new product opportunities and thoroughly evaluate and communicate the scientific and business rationale.
  • Experience using databases such as IMS, Encuity SDI, Adis, etc. is strongly preferred.
  • The ability to influence others in a tactful and well thought-out manner with supporting information and logic.
  • Comfort interacting with the highest levels of senior management.
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