Business Development- Market Analyst


Minnetonka, MN




  • Research and analysis for product ideas and opportunities, including sales, market, financial, regulatory, and API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) information.
  • Evaluate/generate product ideas and opportunities by synthesizing data from various and disparate data sources into concise, cogent justifications to pursue. Justifications require strong analytical skills and attention to detail to ensure accuracy of supporting information. Must be able to get into the “weeds” of the data.
  • Prepare financial models for decision-making during product candidate evaluation. Stay current with contract and/or internal development research and planning, and "what if" and "breakeven" type analysis.
  • Use various research databases to research new product ideas and opportunities. Databases include but are not limited to IQVIA (IMS), Symphony Health, FDA’s Orange Book, Drugs@FDA, Dailymed, Cortellis, and PriceRx.
  • Drug Master Files – contains lists of DMFs and information on submissions of DMFs
  • FDA’s Orange Book and Drugs@FDA – contains approved drug products with therapeutic equivalents, includes patent and exclusivity information
  • Dailymed – contains drug product information indicating description of drug product and how it is used and supplied
  • IQVIA (IMS Health) – sales, volume and pricing information
  • Cortellis – used for investigating product opportunities, finding partners, researching competitors and identifying global licensing opportunities.
  • PriceRx – provides current drug prices, federal financial participation upper limit and baseline prices, monthly updates and price histories
  • Utilize other additional reference materials to compile product files.
  • Create concise files on product opportunities (with abstract) to present to management. Channel information in an appropriate manner, ensuring the most constructive usage of information and data.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the following: business, finance, IT, the sciences or engineering.
  • Proficiency in Excel is an absolute must: requiring advanced working knowledge utilizing Pivot Tables, Lookups, etc
  • Must be professional, detail oriented with a strong work ethic and is a “self-starter”.
  • Ideally, a minimum of three years generic pharmaceutical, medical device or related experience.
  • Familiarity with the FDA’s Orange Book, Drugs@FDA, and Dailymed and understand how the various data from each source relates to one another.
  • Experience in product and company market research is required.
  • Proficiency in other Microsoft Office programs such as PowerPoint is preferred.
  • Should have working knowledge of intellectual property laws, regulatory environment protocol, and the general pharmaceutical marketplace dynamics.
  • Preference will be given to those with professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, preferably in generic drugs
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