Chemical Development Scientist


Iowa City, IA


The position is directed toward optimization of existing chemical routes and development of alternate chemistry toward key synthetic intermediates and APIs. Carries out multistep chemical synthesis and product isolation/purification operations in the laboratory, independently or as part of an integrated team. Chemist utilizes modern analytical tools to determine identity and purity of products made during projects. Communication with clients in regular team meetings; prepares R&D reports at the conclusion of projects.

  • Carry out multistep organic syntheses, isolation, and purification of targeted products under supervision or direction of a senior member of the team.
  • Must possess a basic understanding of modern organic synthesis methodologies.
  • The chemist must have a fundamental understanding of modern analytical and spectroscopic techniques and may possess the ability to interpret the corresponding data and spectra.
  • Must demonstrate a proficiency to carry out laboratory syntheses and purification techniques on scales ranging from milligrams to several kilograms.
  • Require minimal supervision and be able to coordinate project activities and resource usage.
  • Demonstrate ability to write comprehensive reports at the conclusion of projects for internal and customer use.
  • With manager input, assist in advising clients on key regulatory guidance.
  • Work to ensure that a spirit of teamwork and cooperation always exists within the group.
  • Conduct laboratory operations in a safe manner. Maintain familiarity with the company’s chemical hygiene plan. Exhibit safety awareness and safe work practices.
  • Work closely with manufacturing and GMP operations to coordinate project-related equipment and activities.
  • This position works with and handles hazardous materials and wastes. Must have the appropriate qualifications to read, understand, apply, and communicate written and verbal information regarding handling and managing hazardous wastes. Training is required within six months of assuming duty and once a year thereafter. Responsible for recognizing emergency situations concerning hazardous materials and wastes.
  • M.S. in Chemistry or related field with no experience required or B.S. degree in Chemistry or related field with 3 years of experience in lab environment, pharmaceutical experience preferred.
    Hands on experience in pharmaceutical/chemical process development.

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