John A. Germer III
John A. Germer IIIPresident and CEO

John A. Germer, III

President and CEO

John founded Germer International in September, 2002. He has built his company on one basic philosophy – find the right employees and give them the tools to provide outstanding service for their clients in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries.

John began his career in Recruiting in 1987. During his first 15 years as a Recruiter he worked for four companies in the greater Philadelphia region. He has traveled the country and trained representatives in this industry and has also developed organizational systems that helped make these companies successful. John learned what procedures are necessary to be a viable and profitable recruiting firm. He also learned what procedures need to be in place to best serve his clients.

For John Germer, the bottom line is service. He consistently ensures that client relations are Germer International’s top priority.

“I always strive to find and/or create the best systems that will ensure our staff is providing the most consistent, predictable, and comprehensive services for our Pharmaceutical clients and candidates.”

Although John has stepped away from day-to-day recruiting, he is very involved in maintaining the client relationships he has built over the past 30 years. A majority of his time is spent helping to grow each Business Unit individually and holistically to encourage consistent practice of GI’s values throughout each area of recruiting.

Since 2016, John has been on the Board of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Intercollege Minor (ENTI) at Penn State Abington, a highly respected program dedicated to providing students with the necessary tools and knowledge they need as they explore entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial business opportunities and challenges.

In his free time, John is an avid tennis player. He is a major league Francophile and loves learning to speak French. He also enjoys playing the piano as well as writing/creating his own music.