What others are saying:

“You (Germer International) have been great to work with! You seem to be the only firm that specializes in the Pharma area ~ everyone else just gives a lot of lip service. A lot of these other recruiting companies would send me resumes that aren’t even on target and then would hound me to give them feedback!

No other vendor filled our positions as quickly and efficiently as Germer International. We have worked with 10 (!) agencies and only Germer International was able to follow through with hires.”

April, 2013

J. Jensen -- Senior Recruiter, Pharmaceutical Client in the Midwest
“The thing that really stood out while working with John and his team is their knowledge of their customer’s needs and how to find the appropriate talent to match the customer’s needs and the customer’s personality. Every company has a different personality. I think that small-town USA in the middle of the south is probably much different than most customers. Certainly being in the south took a lot more work on GI’s part to convince people that it wasn’t such a bad place to live. I think that it was the time that the team took to understand what we were about and who might fit and it wasn’t just sending a lot of people our way, it was trying to understand the personalities that might blend with us.

What I really liked about working with Germer was the constant drive to get the people in short order and to work with our management team. I found the responsiveness and the knowledge of the people in the market that John had and shared with the rest of the team that made it a good process. I had a lot of experience in HR but I knew nothing about the pharmaceutical industry when I got to Qualitest, or the needs of science and those categories. John taught me a lot. He taught me things I had to know. I thought it was very helpful. He went beyond the basics and helped me to understand the talent that was out there and how that talent would best serve our situation. Bottom line, Germer is focused on finding solutions.

I had opportunities to talk to a lot of different recruiters and I never got the feeling that those others had anything other than getting a commission in mind. Just sending “throw it against the wall” and if it sticks, good, if not we’ll send some more to throw against the wall. It just felt different with Germer. It was really a great experience working with the team and the effort everyone seemed to put in to the matching people with the opportunities that we had.”

October 26th, 2012
(Hired Germer International from 2005 – 2012. GI placed over 100 permanent employees during the 7 year relationship.)

Don Morford -- Former VP, HR , Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
“I have been working with John Germer over the last 20 years while I was at a number of companies, especially as Executive Director of Quality Assurance at Kos Pharmaceuticals. I have complete faith in John and the service his company provides.
Some larger recruiting firms do an excellent job in finding candidates at the higher levels but can fall short on the medium and lower level positions. John Germer and his team consistently perform at a top level of service, whether it is for a Junior, Middle, or Senior position. It is rare to find an agency that provides the same quality service in finding the right candidates, regardless of position.
John takes the time and gets to understand his clients. He knows what they are really saying when they describe what they are looking for in a candidate. He is also very frank – when a client’s need and budget don’t mesh, he will help refine what is really needed and will provide possible options given the budget.

I also know that if I am working with any of the recruiters at Germer International, I am getting the same level of quality service as if I was working with John directly.”

August 6, 2012
(Hired GI from 2002- 2006. Assisted in building her QA department from 1 to 60 employees at Kos Pharmaceuticals)

Barb Falco -- Former Executive Director QA, Kos (Now Abbott)
Dear Flora,

I would like to thank you on behalf of *client name taken out for confidentiality* of the quality service you provided us to fill a number of positions in my department. I have filled all open positions within my group before the due date.

Again thank you for your follow ups and patience during the last few months and the quality of candidates that you screened carefully against my expectations and requirements. Your dedication and ability to recognize my needs was outstanding and I was extremely satisfied with your high quality service and collaboration in this process.

Best regards,

Mahmoud , Analytical Group Manager

What stood out about working with GI?
What sets Germer International apart from other contingent recruiters is that they are committed and truly partner with their client. Unlike most contingent recruiters I have worked with, who come in and throw a few resumes at you and if they don’t see any kind of immediate successes, they are quick to walk away, Germer takes a more long-term approach, both in terms of managing the relationship and making sure that you find the right candidate. In this respect, Germer International behaves more like a retained search firm. In my experience, Germer and his team are well-networked in the pharma industry and are able to fill highly technical roles and also senior leadership positions.

How did GI affect your business?
Germer certainly helped us bring in a lot of really strong talent over the last 5 years. This has had a significant impact on our organization and enabled us to achieve our business objectives. Our partnership with Germer has enabled us to raise the bar from a talent perspective.

Would you use or recommend Germer International?
Without a doubt!

January 2016

Director, HR , -- Branded Pharmaceutical Company in NC

I have worked with Germer international for about 10 years while with several different companies, and I have had nothing but a good experience, which must be why I have found myself consistently going back. I realized the closer I work with Germer International the better the experience. There’s a lot of engagement too, and the more feedback I provide, the better candidates I see. I have worked with several different boutique companies and have realized that Germer International, although focused specifically in pharmaceuticals, are the only recruiting company able to work on whatever positions I throw at them. Germer International is my one stop vendor. I recommend Germer to everyone I know because I believe they are a quality group, and there are not many out there!

Anthony - Head of HR , - Pharmaceutical CDMO