Important Phone Etiquette I’ve Learned

Written by: Samantha Reilly

As a person in the 21st century we all have various phone numbers that call us and most likely you debate whether to pick up the phone. Turns out, those phone calls could help you change a vital part of your life! Receiving recruiting calls may sometimes be perceived as a burden, but I would have to disagree. Recruiters are calling because they believe that a specific position would match well with your background, and if it doesn’t, and you tell them, they can do a better job next time.  As an recruiting intern, I found that most people that answer my calls are very nice and happy to answer my questions about their situation. However this isn’t always the case, so I’m going to share what I’ve learned through those more difficult questions.

Here are some things I have learned since beginning this position include:

Keep Calm

You can effectively impact someone’s behavior by remaining calm and in control of your responses. A deep breath can really help!

Consider the other Person’s Point of View

They are most likely caught off guard, it’s always best to ask if it is a good time is to talk, and if not, be open to rescheduling. We all have off days, stressed out from work or home life, so don’t take a negative tone personally.

Resist Responding Rudely

Responding rudely is not going to get either party anywhere. Try the first approach to remain calm and this could turn things around to focus on the true goal of the call, helping them discover this new opportunity!

Choose the Right Approach

Listening and asking appropriate questions in order to best understand the person and their situation is crucial. If you aren’t open to learning about the person, it will be difficult to truly help their situation. Hear each candidate out!

End the Conversation Appropriately

I have found by ending a conversation in a timely fashion, by being gracious for their time, and setting up a specific time for follow up, people are more willing to answer your call next time.