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Get to Know Germer! Jess Goodman


Get to Know Germer! Jess Goodman Name: Jess Goodman School: Millersville University (Bachelors) and Holy Family University (Masters) Major: Early Elementary/ Special Education and Master of Education with a Reading Specialist Concentration Graduation Year: 2018 and 2020 What is your title at Germer?  Executive Recruiting Assistant When did you start at Germer/ how long have [...]

Get to Know Germer! Jess Goodman2022-01-11T08:50:23-05:00

The Greatest Salesman in the World, by OG Mandino


The Greatest Salesman in the World, by OG Mandino By: Sydney Grierson “Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough (Mandino, 49). This is my favorite quote from the book The Greatest Salesman in the World. It sheds light on one of the most important lessons to the reader: one must [...]

The Greatest Salesman in the World, by OG Mandino2021-02-22T10:53:31-05:00

The Art of Learning


 The Art of Learning, by Joshua Waitzkin By: David Naider Joshua Waitzkin is a prodigy. In his book, The Art of Learning, a journey into the pursuit of excellence, Joshua Waitzkin speaks on the learning processes that he used from the time he was a child after he fell in love with the game of chess. [...]

The Art of Learning2020-12-31T12:02:27-05:00

Why (Atomic) Habits are Important


Why (Atomic) Habits are Important By Hannah Ferguson No matter how old you are or how long you have been at Germer International, personal development and learning is something we value and always encourage. I have read a lot of books throughout my two and a half years here, and I can genuinely say, I [...]

Why (Atomic) Habits are Important2020-12-31T12:18:07-05:00



Untamed, by Glennon Doyle By Allison Flitter Untamed by Glennon Doyle was one of the best books I read in 2020. Glennon Doyle wrote this novel about her experience finding her voice and how others could find their voice (specific to women, but could be applied to men as well). She takes the reader through [...]


The Power of Habit


The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg By Les Schafer You might be asking yourself why this recruiter is writing this short review of this book and for that matter why you should care. Truth be told, we here at Germer International are constantly on a journey of growth. We are trying to be better [...]

The Power of Habit2020-12-31T12:16:14-05:00

Road Less Traveled


Road Less Traveled, by M. Scott Peck By Jess Gerber One thing I love about working at Germer International is the emphasis on professional and personal development. One way we achieve self-improvement is through reading various books. One book that I felt was extremely beneficial to my growth is The Road Less Traveled by M. [...]

Road Less Traveled2020-12-31T12:06:32-05:00

Road Less Traveled


Road Less Traveled, by M. Scott Peck By: Sarah Yun Life is always filled with challenges and trials. Sometimes these challenges can be painful and they often lead us to have to confront our reality. In the book, The Road Less Traveled talks about these challenges and why humans continue to lack the constant growth [...]

Road Less Traveled2020-12-31T12:02:54-05:00

The Importance of Transparency with a Recruiter


The Importance of Transparency with a Recruiter By David Naider We at Germer International have mutual respect and goals for both our clients and our candidates.  There may be situations where you as a candidate may be hesitant to share personal information and may be situations where you as a client may be holding cards [...]

The Importance of Transparency with a Recruiter2020-12-29T14:24:26-05:00

Why Our Process Is Important


Why Our Process Is Important By Hannah Ferguson Over the past 15+ years, the recruiters at Germer International have developed a hands-on and detailed process that has led to many years of success. Every recruiter follows the same guidelines and procedures, which ensures all candidates and clients have the same experience. Our Process for Candidates: [...]

Why Our Process Is Important2020-12-29T14:20:33-05:00
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