Get to Know Germer! 

Name: Allison Flitter

School: Villanova University

Major: Political Science

Minor: Theology & Peace and Justice

Graduation Year: 2015

  1. What is your title at Germer? Pharmaceutical Recruiter
  2. When did you start at Germer/ how long have you been here? I started at Germer in January 2017
  3. What is one piece of advice you would give to a fresh graduate job searching? If you are a fresh graduate searching for your first position out of school, the biggest piece of advice I have would be to never give up. You may feel like you are putting out a lot of applications and not hearing back from companies, but all it takes is for one company to get back to you to find the right job.
  4. What is the hardest part of transitioning into full time work? The hardest part of transitioning into full time work is finding time to do all the things that you have to get done while still having a life outside of work. When you first graduate you still want to have time to see your friends and have a social life, but you also have real life responsibilities that must take precedence.
  5. What is your favorite part about working at Germer? My favorite part of working at Germer is the freedom to control my work. Although you cannot control the process or the candidate/client decisions, you can control the day to day work. You can control how hard you work on a search, how much time you put into a search and even what search you want to work on. Since you can pick what you put your time into, you do not have to have the same day back to back.
  6. What is your favorite part of post-graduate life at Germer? My favorite part of post-graduate life at Germer is the personal development work that we do. Although we work hard, we also focus on making ourselves a better person. I always had goals that revolved around college and finding small goals throughout post-graduate life can be tough. Having structured goal setting meetings has been really helpful to focus on where I want to be and what I want to be doing in the future.
  7. What is your favorite part of working with candidates from start to offer?My favorite part of working with candidates from start to offer is hearing the candidate and their family get excited about the opportunity. A lot of times people are actively looking to relocate closer to family or to move up in their career. When I am able to present an opportunity that could help the candidate get closer to one of their goals that is a great feeling.
  8. What is the most challenging part of this job and how do you overcome this challenge?The most challenging part of the job is bridging the gap between what the candidate is looking for and what the company is looking for. Usually the gap seems very difficult to overcome, but it is usually only a couple of things that the candidate and company see differently.
  9. What is the most important lesson you have learned since graduating college?The most important lesson I have learned since graduating college would be how important it is to make time for yourself and your priorities. Now that everyone is working different times and not on the same schedule, it is easy to get caught up in happy hour drinks after work and traveling every weekend. It is important to remember to always prioritize time for yourself and activities that you want to do.