My First Placement

By: Jessica Gerber 

My first placement as a recruiter was a challenge. On this search I was working with one of our clients who focuses on cell and gene-based therapies. Our client was looking for someone who had a long list of experience and skills. During the search, I came across a candidate, while although they had an impressive number of years in the industry, they were missing a few of the requirements that the client had emphasized to us. Although this client was not the perfect match on paper, I still decided to make the initial phone call and get to know this candidate’s situation better. My first placement taught me that it is important to reach out and have conservations with potential candidates, even if they do not fit the criteria of a job description perfectly.

By making that phone call I learned things about the candidate that I never would have known from just looking at their resume or their LinkedIn profile. While their LinkedIn profile made them stand out and encouraged me to make the initial phone call, having that conversation allowed me to really understand their exact experience industry, and certain intangibles, such as their passion and pride in their work. Part of the value recruiters bring to their clients is we take the time to really get to know the candidates and understand beyond their resume. I got to understand that while they might have a background that was a little different from what our client was looking for, they would certainly add a lot of value to the company.



Therefore, as a recruiter it was then my responsibility to effectively communicate and present this candidate to our client. Similar to how it is a recruiter’s job to accurately represent the company to the candidate and show that the company could be a great opportunity for their career, it is a recruiter’s job to show the client that while this candidate differs from the job description, they do have the ability to add value to their company. It was really rewarding to make a placement where the candidate did add value to the company, and in return find a company that would help that candidate grow professionally and truly appreciate the candidate’s expertise and dedication. I never would have understood the depth of the candidate’s knowledge or expertise if I did not pick up the phone and just have that quick introductory phone call.