Keeping in Touch

By: Hannah Ferguson

For me, one of the best parts of this job is building relationships and keeping in touch with candidates I have helped find new positions.  I love hearing about how things are going at the new company and how much they enjoy working there! However, there are sometimes when unfortunately, things don’t work out as well, and those are the times when I’m glad I make it a point to keep in touch.

At the beginning of the year, I worked with a woman looking for a new Quality position.  We applied to a local opportunity, she interviewed, and ended up accepting the role.  Ultimately, the position turned out to be different than she (and we) originally thought. Although she did her best to make it work, the environment and responsibilities were not what she was looking for in a job.  I made a point to keep checking in on her, like we do for all candidates, so when things began to turn south and she left the company, I was right there ready to help her find a better opportunity.

Because of our continued relationship, I knew immediately what type of position and company she was looking for.  I knew her concerns and what excited her about a job, so finding her a new position was easy. We ended up presenting her to another client of ours.  She spoke with the team, visited the facility, and accepted the position!

Something special about us as a company, which I think people do not realize, is that our main goal is to build relationships.  When we help place candidates, it is our goal to find them the best opportunity and help them through the entire onboarding process.  Starting a new job can be challenging, so we do our best to keep in touch before, during, and after candidates start working.  We want the best for the people we work with, which is why we care about keeping in touch and making sure we are finding the best environments for them!