Why Our Process Is Important

By Hannah Ferguson

Over the past 15+ years, the recruiters at Germer International have developed a hands-on and detailed process that has led to many years of success. Every recruiter follows the same guidelines and procedures, which ensures all candidates and clients have the same experience.

Our Process for Candidates:

When working with candidates throughout the interview process, we speak with each candidate and to an extent, interview, candidates a minimum of 6 times. We make sure they have a good understanding of the position, company, and help them determine if the opportunity would be the right fit. You can expect us to ask any target questions the hiring manager gave us and also why you are looking, where you live/what would go into relocating, salary expectations, and an overview of your career progression.

We ask these questions early on, because we recognize a career change is a big life event, and there are many variables that need to be considered and discussed. These discussions are not just do you want the job, th

Our Process for Clients:

We make sure to have a direct line of communication with our clients, so as requirements or job descriptions change, we can continue finding the best candidates for the role. Before working on a job, we like to speak with the hiring manager, to get a good idea of the job and what they are looking for in the ideal candidate.

When sending over candidates to our clients, we write up some bullet points summarizing the questions we go over with candidates and highlight any relevant or additional information that would be helpful for our clients to know. After submitting candidates or after any interviews, we ask for feedback. By asking for feedback throughout the process it allows us to focus our search on exactly what the company is looking for.

Through these conversations, we make sure our clients and candidates are informed of any changes in the process and if any issues/questions do arise, we can address them right away (with 18 years of experience, we are pretty good at coming up with some creative solutions to any and all recruiting problems!)