Podcast: The Art of Charm

Written by: Jess Goodman

Personal development is valued and encouraged at Germer. While working on personal and professional development with colleagues, I have gotten more into audiobooks and podcasts. During my search for more personal development podcasts, I stumbled upon The Art of Charm.

The Art of Charm is a podcast for people who are motivated and want to learn more about personal and professional relationships, interpersonal dynamics, and becoming their best self. The podcast hosts, Johnny and AJ, highlight different aspects of education and growth by sharing their stories on this weekly podcast. The Art of Charm helps everyday people and professionals learn how to become higher performers, better partners, and more collaborative coworkers. Together, they dig deep into human behavior, the science behind it, and what we do and why we do it.

Each week, Johnny and AJ bring different reputable guests onto their podcast. They discuss a variety of relevant topics that help their listeners feel confident in their journey of growth. This podcast offers listeners the opportunity to expand their mindset and push boundaries to move to their goals by providing various tools and approaches that can be implemented immediately. This podcast has allowed me to make more meaningful decisions through building skills with daily habits and routines. In their episode with Katy Milkman, I learned that routines can be helpful in building habits but being flexible in routines increases the chance a habit will stay. I also started to motivate myself to stick with these routines by including friends and family. For example, I have been trying to go for a mile walk each day. To help motivate me, I have been making plans ahead of time with a family member to hold me accountable. I feel that everyone can benefit from this podcast and take away what they need in their own personal/ professional development.

If The Art of Charm doesn’t sound like the podcast for you, try exploring other podcasts that may be a better fit for you! Podcasts are:

  • Cost friendly- You can find a variety of podcasts for free to inexpensive
  • Convenient- If you have a device, you can listen to podcasts during your commute, a walk, or even while making dinner!
  • There is something for everyone- From personal and professional development to parenting, there is a podcast to spark everyone’s interest.
  • They are quick and easy listens- Podcasts are usually between 30 minutes to an hour long