The Importance of Maintaining Relationships

Written By: Jessica Gerber

One thing I’ve learned at my time at Germer, is the importance of maintaining relationships. When I was relatively new at Germer International, I connected with this professional who was looking for a new opportunity. The reason for their job search was to find an opportunity that could offer new challenges and growth.

When I initially connected with this individual, we did not have any job openings that were the perfect fit that could provide her with all the professional growth in the correct location and salary range. However, just having this conversation allowed me to better understand the needs of this candidate. While there was not an immediate connection, I understood what this candidate needed to make a move that would be beneficial to not only her, but also her family. I also made sure to continue to keep in touch, so I was aware of any changes in her situation.

Right around a year of initially connecting with this professional, we had a job opening that made me immediately think her. Because of the relationship that we had established, I was able to give the candidate a call immediately and get her information submitted that day. Ultimately, this turned out to be a good fit for the candidate and our client!

This experience taught me that finding the next best step in someone’s career is not something that can always be done on the first opportunity. However, it is important to remain in touch and truly understand the professional’s need, to be a resource down the road for them. It was a rewarding experience to be able to help this candidate, and I look forward to continuing to stay in touch and be a resource any way possible.