3 Ways to Become Our Favorite Client

By: Catherine Stier, Director of Recruiting & Innovation

I know, I know, we shouldn’t have favorites. But what can we say? Some of our clients, all pharmaceutical and biotech companies, have proven time and time again that they care about the executive recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process, and it shows. Here’s what means the most to us:

  1. They set expectations with all members involved in the process:
    • Too many times our pharmaceutical clients will find a person they like and then they take the time to figure out who needs to be involved in the decision. This tends to slow things down, and in turn, it makes the person interviewing feel like there isn’t as much interest as they say. Our favorite clients can tell us at the beginning of the search, with confidence, what the process looks like, who is involved, and at what point an offer is given. Clarity is crucial!
  2. They meet our requirements for a priority search. Specific – Reasonable – Timely.
    • When we consider which positions to prioritize for our week, we evaluate these 3 points. Our favorite clients aren’t afraid to tell us exactly why someone we’ve presented isn’t a fit, or exactly what they like about a person. This helps us keep folks updated who are in the application process with us. They also are reasonable with their expectations, they understand the market and that no one will match 100% of the job description, they are open to interviewing candidates even if, on paper, they aren’t a perfect match. And they are timely, they understand that our time and the applicant’s time is just as important as their own and they try their best to keep the process moving forward.
  3. They are a great place to work.
    • The #1 way a pharmaceutical company can become one of our favorites is if they are good to their employees. We stay in touch with the people we place, we try to check in after a few months to get an initial feel and then continue to touch base as often as possible. When we hear “I love it, they treat me great, the people are wonderful, I’m learning so much, I feel supported, my boss listens to me, I can see so much opportunity here, everything they told me during the interview process is true…” it makes us want to prioritize that client’s openings even more.

Do you have what it takes to be our favorite client? If so, please reach out to me with any of your executive recruiting needs at Cstier@germerintl.com.  I can’t wait to work with you!