Transition in Remote Work

Written by: Jess Goodman

Ever since the pandemic, remote work has been more desired by employees. As an employer, it can be overwhelming to ensure all employees are able to make that transition seamlessly while feeling supported and still having a strong company environment. Below are some ways Germer International has provided its employees a beneficial and effective work environment for the hybrid setting.

  1. Proper technology and resources

One of the most important things to consider when transitioning to remote work is the proper technology and resources for your employees. Most companies provide employees with a work laptop/ computer, work phone, and headset. Some companies even provide reimbursement for internet services as well as access to IT services to troubleshoot technology issues.

Along with technology, Germer International provides us with additional materials we need, such as notebooks or calendars. If there are additional resources we need, we can ask for them to be ordered.  If you are unsure what your employees need to be successful working from home, have an open line of communication for employees to ask for resources they need!

  1. Feedback and communication

A big concern from both employees and employers with remote work is lack of communication. To guarantee communication is a priority, employers can host weekly, companywide meetings. At Germer International, we have 30-minute meeting every Tuesday where we discuss our company production and active jobs in our system. We also have a weekly 15-minute check-in on Thursdays. This check-in has been used to talk about personal production goals, ways we can support each other in the company, and overall feedback.

These weekly meetings helped us set standards for communication in our company including calendar sharing. One way we utilized calendar sharing is by putting meetings on other’s calendar with the topic we want to talk about.

  1. Procedures and expectations

Another way to ensure your company has an effective and productive remote work environment is to have clear company procedures and expectations. At Germer International, we have a company procedural manual that we use to train new employees. As a company, we revisit this manual throughout the year to guarantee everyone is following the correct procedures and update it as needed.