Non-Technical Skills to Stand Out

By: Sydney Grierson

In 2022, our company worked with a sales professional who was looking for a new position within the life sciences industry after being laid-off due to restructuring. As luck would have it, we had a new position open in the candidate’s town. We worked directly with the professional on how to discuss his background, education, and skills with the hiring team. All of which would help him stand out to the team. However, he went above and beyond when it came to selling his non-technical skills, too – both through words and actions.

These areas proved to be the tipping point for the company in deciding to hire this professional. They were ecstatic to have someone joining their team who not only could do the job from a technical standpoint but also someone who showcased a unique skill set from a personality perspective.

  • Learning and Curiosity
    • The role that this individual was interviewing focused on products and responsibilities that were a bit different from what he was used to in the past. However, this professional’s curiosity and excitement towards learning and expanding his exposure in the life sciences industry really made him stand out.
  • Networking
    • The individual interviewing for this position actually knew someone at the company he was interviewing with from a past place of employment. Having this internal reference who could share positive attributes and experiences with the professional also supported the group’s decision making process.
  • Down-to-Earth Demeanor
    • This professional was able to connect with the personalities of those around him. He was also his authentic self throughout the interview and showed it in unique ways, which really resonated with the team. For instance, the professional was excited to show the site to his family and actually took them on a bike ride to see the exterior.

Take some time before your next interview to examine the non-technical skills that you bring to the table. Do you know anyone at the organization who you can use as a reference? Has a past college worked with anyone on the interview panel before? How do you intend to present yourself throughout the interview? Have you done research into the organization you are interviewing and their products? Is this something you are passionate and excited about? These are all great questions to see your interview from a technical and non-technical perspective.