Are you starting a new job? Set yourself up for success!

Written By: Sarah Yun

So you’re starting a new job? Here’s some tips and advice on easing some of those first day jitters.

  1. Be yourself; do not try to prove yourself on the first day

You don’t have to know everything the first day.  It is important that you just soak in your new environment & meet your new coworkers. Be comfortable and professional and just enjoy this new adventure!

  1. Get to know your new team, ask questions!

Most likely, you will be meeting a lot of new people. Be open and warm and ask them a few questions so you can learn about them. This also gives them the opportunity to learn more about you. Ask questions where you can learn more about the company culture and how the organization is structured.

  1. Use a notebook and take notes!

You are probably going to be overwhelmed with lots of new information and new faces and might have a few questions on your own by the end of the day. Write down things you learned and questions you may have. This shows that you are attentive to your new surroundings and ready to learn.

  1. Organization is important! Put good habits in place

Since you are starting a new role, it is important to get things in order so you can start to develop new productive habits. Take the next few weeks to get to know the systems you are working with and develop checklists or to- do lists. Make sure you manage your time and organize your calendar.

  1. Take initiative and have an open mind to others

As you start to settle into your new role, look for ways you can offer help outside your job responsibilities. Be willing to help others out and offer solutions for any problems you think you can help with. Also, it is important to have an open mind and take in guidance from other peers or ask for feedback on ways you can improve.

Following these simple tips can guide you in making sure you are starting your new job in the most effective way possible!