Stay in Touch with your Recruiter!

Written by: Allison Delaney

Picture this, you just accepted a new role at an amazing company with the help of a recruiter. The recruiter calls to check in after your first week and then continues to reach out as you grow within the organization. You miss the recruiter’s call and forget to call back. But they keep calling?! Why should you call back?

I am here to share with you a story about a candidate who stayed in touch, and it actually helped him find a second position through Germer International. A candidate I worked with found a role with our client to work in the R&D lab. Every couple of months, I would check in with the candidate to see how they liked their work and to see how the transition into a new role was going. In each conversation I would learn what the candidate liked about the role and what their new career aspirations were. Taking this new role and being hands-on in the lab changed their idea of what their next position would look like.

Unfortunately, layoffs hit our client. This candidate had been affected by the layoff and was back on the market. Luckily, we had another opportunity that aligned with the candidate’s new career aspirations to transition out of the lab into project management. In a couple of conversations over two days, I was able to present the candidate’s information to another client who was hiring a project manager. We quickly moved through the client’s procedures and successfully placed the candidate into a project management role where he was able to start within a month.

Since the candidate and I had stayed in touch, he was able to easily give me a call when the layoffs happened, and I already knew what he was looking for. If we had not stayed in touch, I do not know if he would have made that call so quickly and found out about this opening.

This story focuses on a candidate being able to quickly find a new role, but staying in touch with a recruiter can be helpful in many other ways like growing your professional network and having resources in the industry.