Steering Through New Horizons

Written By: Sarah Yun

Having thoughts about relocation for a new job? Unfortunately, there are times when the perfect job isn’t right across the street, but rather hundreds of miles away or even across the country or the globe!

I had the pleasure of working with a professional who was actively looking for a new place to call home. She was from Indiana and had spent most of her life and career there. She was looking for a role that would allow her to take that next step in terms of global responsibilities, and the only option that was presented to her at the time, was for her relocate to Ohio.

Throughout the process, I got a chance to learn so many great things about what was important to her and her family.  I found out that she loved being outdoors and enjoyed spending time with her kids. She mentioned that she felt comfortable with the area, the schools & the role before proceeding with an onsite.

After the visit, our client was so excited to find a great professional, who had the right experience but also the motivation to continue to grow and expand their organization. An offer was presented and accepted! After the offer letter was signed & sealed with a start date, I got a phone call the next day and was alerted with the fact that there were no nearby schools who were accepting new students during the middle of the school year. This made the decision a lot harder for her to relocate at the time and although she did everything she could to make the potential start date happen, unfortunately our client needed someone in the role as soon as possible, so the search was reopened again.

The biggest takeaway that this professional had learned from this experience was that she wished she took more time in researching the area and seeking advice from her friends or peers who had relocated in the past before she made such a big decision. But that’s okay! She was able to go through this experience and although she felt super bad for the client, she was able to learn the important things that go into a big move in case she reconsiders it again in the future.

As for us, as expert recruiters in this field we want to make sure we continue doing our jobs in finding out what are the most important factors to you in making sure a relocation is as smooth as possible for yourself or your family.