Trust the Process, Recruiting Takes Time


Trust the Process, Recruiting Takes Time Written By: Allison Flitter    For me, recruiting is about building a relationship with our clients who are looking to hire someone, and with candidates who are looking for a job. Every day we talk to people who are either looking for a job that offers something more or [...]

Trust the Process, Recruiting Takes Time2020-02-10T13:40:01-05:00

Recruiting F.A.Q.s


Recruiting F.A.Q.s Written by: Liz Bae, Associate Pharmaceutical Recruiter Why do recruiters ask so many questions? Can’t they just send my resume over to companies and see what happens next? We often receive questions from candidates regarding our process. Check out some of these FAQ’s and our responses below: I’m looking for a better opportunity, [...]

Recruiting F.A.Q.s2019-12-23T09:21:05-05:00