Coming Through When it Counts

Written By: Flora Koo, Director of Operations 

The Head of Engineering of a globally recognized pharmaceutical company known for their success in bringing generic injectable products to the market recently approached us with a partnership request.  Being familiar with GI’s successful track record in recruitment, this department head was confident that we could help him achieve his goals of swift positive change within his department. The focus was a realignment of the organization’s structure in tandem with building short & long-term departmental strategies.  In order to make this all become possible, he knew that he had to further strengthen the core engineering team by bringing in top-tier talent.  The $6B organization had plans to invest over $200M towards upcoming engineering projects.  The department needed engineering professionals who had previous cGMP experience in the pharmaceutical industry, proven track records of successful project leadership, and those who could bring strong mentorship experience to the team. Prior to joining forces with GI, the company struggled to find candidates that checked all of the boxes. Though the company received a multitude of applications, most candidates did not possess adequate qualifications, while others were unwilling to relocate.  Both of these reasons made it overwhelmingly difficult to recruit top talent

Timing was critical.  Germer International was asked to initiate an official search, with the understanding that time was of the essence

Our team of recruiters wasted no time and immediately began engaging hiring managers, HR staff, and others who could help provide a stronger understanding of the company’s culture, roles/responsibilities, and overall health of the department.

Through those efforts, Germer received an 85% success rate in targeting the right individuals and, as a result, filled the first departmental role within a month and a half, with several more successful placements in key roles within the Engineering Department.  In fact, the client was so pleased with our efforts, HR asked our team to provide further recruiting support in other areas of the operation.  Within several months, we filled several of their critical leadership roles in those departments.  We continue to have a strong relationship with the client and, those candidates we placed with the company are all thriving in their new roles.