Seven Things I Learned as a Recruiter


Seven Things I Learned in my First Year as a Recruiter at Germer International Written By: Lena Obernesser I started as a executive assistant and recruiter to John Germer at Germer International in May of 2022, after completing my Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  Working at this job has taught me many things [...]

Seven Things I Learned as a Recruiter2023-01-10T12:11:18-05:00

Building Trust


Building Trust By Allison Flitter Delaney Building trust with the candidates we work with is extremely important. The professionals we work with must trust us to fully represent them to a client with their expectations on salary, vacation, benefits, sign-on bonus’, visa status, etc. The trust that we have with our professionals cannot be built [...]

Building Trust2022-01-07T16:28:57-05:00

What Makes a Good Recruiter?


What Makes a Good Recruiter? By Allison Flitter Before we even get to talking about what makes a good recruiter, we must talk about the different kinds of recruiters, since there are many. There are internal, contingent, retained, recruiters who focus on certain industries, and staffing agency recruiters. Here at Germer, we are contingent recruiters [...]

What Makes a Good Recruiter?2020-12-29T14:09:49-05:00

My First Placement


My First Placement By: Jessica Gerber  My first placement as a recruiter was a challenge. On this search I was working with one of our clients who focuses on cell and gene-based therapies. Our client was looking for someone who had a long list of experience and skills. During the search, I came across a [...]

My First Placement2020-12-31T11:36:59-05:00

Coming Into a New Industry


Coming Into a New Industry By: Sarah Yun When I first started here at Germer international, I had my fears of the unknown. Being fresh out of college, I had thought the first job I had was going to be the kick-start to my career. Almost my whole entire life, I had thought I was [...]

Coming Into a New Industry2021-03-08T15:05:39-05:00

What does a typical day look like as a recruiter?


What does a typical day look like as a recruiter? By: Allison Flitter  Every industry and every position have different days; recruiting is no different. Although each recruiter has a different structure, we each have the same basic outline for our day. Below is an example of what a typical day looks like: 9:00-10:00 Follow [...]

What does a typical day look like as a recruiter?2020-11-23T09:51:00-05:00

Relationship Building


Relationship Building By Allison Flitter Recruiting is more than just sending a job description to a candidate and connecting them with a client. Everyday at Germer International we talk to candidates in-depth about their family, their salary, why they are looking for a new position, etc. These are tough conversations that we have so that [...]

Relationship Building2020-11-16T09:14:01-05:00

When Looking for a New Job Feels Like a Full Time Job!


When Looking for a New Job Feels Like a Full Time Job! Written By Catherine Stier According to Glassdoor, “on average, each corporate job attracts 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job.” You have a 2.4% chance of getting a call [...]

When Looking for a New Job Feels Like a Full Time Job!2020-08-24T09:47:26-04:00

Why I Do This Everyday


Why I Do This Everyday By Hannah Ferguson Being a recruiter is hard.  Besides our own work and effort, we have little control over the process and that can be one of the most challenging parts of the job.  However hard it can be, it is ultimately worth the joy of building relationships and helping [...]

Why I Do This Everyday2020-08-10T09:22:10-04:00

How one call changed my career and can change yours!


How one call changed my career and can change yours! Written by: Les Schafer Go back in time to the year 1998. I was a Project Engineer for a construction company sitting at my desk in an open cubicle environment. My phone rings and I answer it. Long story short it was a recruiter asking [...]

How one call changed my career and can change yours!2020-08-03T10:28:02-04:00
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