Relationship Building


Relationship Building By Allison Flitter Recruiting is more than just sending a job description to a candidate and connecting them with a client. Everyday at Germer International we talk to candidates in-depth about their family, their salary, why they are looking for a new position, etc. These are tough conversations that we have so that [...]

Relationship Building2020-11-16T09:14:01-05:00

Retained vs Contingent Recruiting Firms


Retained vs Contingent Recruiting Firms By Allison Flitter  When deciding what type of agency you would like to work with, you will probably be choosing between a retained or contingent firm. So, what is the difference between working with a retained vs contingent firm? Retained firms get paid a fee up front to start the [...]

Retained vs Contingent Recruiting Firms2020-06-30T17:58:05-04:00

Why Constant Communication with the Client and Recruiter is Key!


Why Constant Communication with the Client and Recruiter is Key! By David Naider Constant communication with the client and the recruiter (us) is not only helpful, it’s a must in a successful partnership and successful collaboration.  Whether it’s allowing us to gather the necessary information for a complete job order or working out the finite [...]

Why Constant Communication with the Client and Recruiter is Key!2020-05-19T09:16:15-04:00

Why Client Feedback is Important


Why Client Feedback is Important By Hannah Ferguson We have a whole process that we go through when working on positions for our clients.  When we get a new job, we start off by asking questions like, ‘what does your ideal candidate look like’ and ‘what skillsets are most important for this position.’  We tailor [...]

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How We differentiate Ourselves as Executive Recruiters


How We Differentiate Ourselves as Executive Recruiters Written by: Catherine Stier The photo above is from an employment application that a pharmaceutical professional filled out for one of our clients, and it speaks volumes. Here at Germer International we don’t see ourselves as a “staffing agency” as some may classify us. We are a partner, [...]

How We differentiate Ourselves as Executive Recruiters2020-04-07T09:48:56-04:00

Why are Scope Calls Important?


Why are scope calls important? By Allison Flitter When we receive a new position from a client we could start working on the position right away, but we often ask our clients to set up a scope call. What is a scope call and why do we prefer to set one up? A scope call [...]

Why are Scope Calls Important?2019-12-22T20:59:18-05:00

What’s your DiSC Style?


What’s your DiSC Style? Written by: Allison Flitter , Pharmaceutical Recruiter  Throughout our typical day, we can spend anywhere from 2-3 hours on the phone with candidates, clients and other Germer International employees. Communication is key in recruiting as well as life. We spent a Friday in December working on improving our communication skills. The [...]

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Clients Have Questions Too!


Clients Have Questions Too! Written By: Catherine Stier, Director of Innovation & Recruiting At Germer International we strive to create a partnership with our clients, one where there is an openness that encourages honesty and directness. We realize that a lot of HR partners have backgrounds that specialize in diverse areas of HR, and we [...]

Clients Have Questions Too!2019-12-22T21:12:08-05:00

Coming Through When it Counts


Coming Through When it Counts Written By: Flora Koo, Director of Operations  The Head of Engineering of a globally recognized pharmaceutical company known for their success in bringing generic injectable products to the market recently approached us with a partnership request.  Being familiar with GI’s successful track record in recruitment, this department head was confident [...]

Coming Through When it Counts2019-12-23T09:21:30-05:00

Time to Build My Own Team


Time to Build My Own Team Written by: Christina Goodreds, Pharmaceutical Recruiter   About a year and a half ago, we placed an Associate Director with one of our clients. He was told he would be given the opportunity to build his team, and when he did, he came to us with his 2 most [...]

Time to Build My Own Team2019-12-23T09:21:45-05:00
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