The Importance of Transparency with a Recruiter


The Importance of Transparency with a Recruiter By David Naider We at Germer International have mutual respect and goals for both our clients and our candidates.  There may be situations where you as a candidate may be hesitant to share personal information and may be situations where you as a client may be holding cards [...]

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Why Our Process Is Important


Why Our Process Is Important By Hannah Ferguson Over the past 15+ years, the recruiters at Germer International have developed a hands-on and detailed process that has led to many years of success. Every recruiter follows the same guidelines and procedures, which ensures all candidates and clients have the same experience. Our Process for Candidates: [...]

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Tips for Working Remotely


Tips for Working Remotely By: Sydney Grierson From wearing a mask in public to working remotely, COVID-19 has undoubtfully changed a lot about how we go about our daily lives. According to Stanford economist, Nicholas Bloom, “42 percent of the U.S. labor force [is] now working from home full-time.” And while one might think that [...]

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Keeping in Touch


Keeping in Touch By: Hannah Ferguson For me, one of the best parts of this job is building relationships and keeping in touch with candidates I have helped find new positions.  I love hearing about how things are going at the new company and how much they enjoy working there! However, there are sometimes when [...]

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Every Call Counts


Every Call Counts By: Sydney Grierson One of the biggest lessons I have learned during my first few months of recruiting is that every call counts. Back in March, I was working on an analytical search that led me to a phone call with the Director of Quality at a local pharmaceutical company. He informed [...]

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Making the Connection


Making the Connection By Allison Flitter Connections are key in any industry. But how do you make connections? When you first start out in a new industry or position you are always working to make connections. Recruiting is built on connections and keeping up with those connections is key to success. In the last blog, [...]

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Going Full Circle


Going Full Circle By: David Naider Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to get to know a new candidate that we had not connected with before. It was just before the COVID-19 pandemic became widespread, and I never knew how this initial contact could come full circle to where I sit today. This candidate, with 15+ [...]

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My First Placement


My First Placement By: Jessica Gerber  My first placement as a recruiter was a challenge. On this search I was working with one of our clients who focuses on cell and gene-based therapies. Our client was looking for someone who had a long list of experience and skills. During the search, I came across a [...]

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out


How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out By: Jessica Gerber The job search can be extremely tiring and difficult at times. However, that is why there are recruiters out there to assist you in this process and find the right company and position for you. As a recruiter, one way I find potential candidates [...]

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