What’s your DiSC Style?

Written by: Allison Flitter , Pharmaceutical Recruiter 

Throughout our typical day, we can spend anywhere from 2-3 hours on the phone with candidates, clients and other Germer International employees. Communication is key in recruiting as well as life. We spent a Friday in December working on improving our communication skills. The training day was focused around the concept of DiSC and led by an external vendor, Socratyc.

DiSC serves as a marker to show what your needs, your priorities, motivators and energy requirements are. It also allows you to connect with others on their needs, their priorities, their motivators, and what really drives them.

Before the training day, we each took our own individual test to find out where we were on the DiSC chart. We received our results on the day of the course. After reviewing our results from the test, we charted where everyone in the company fell on the DiSC circle and the good news is that we have at least one person in each quadrant!

From the full day of training, the biggest takeaway was how to more-effectively interact with each other, our candidates and our clients. Not everyone has the same DiSC style, so it was important to come away with the tools for how to identify and connect with those who have a different style.

For example, it can often be tough for a “D” style to interact with an “S” style based on how they communicate.  The “D” style tends to be very direct and strong-willed. A “S” style tends to be patient and humble, which can clash with the “D” style’s directness. After someone with a “D” style realizes that they are direct and strong willed, they must be conscience of how someone with an “S” style may communicate. For example, when a “D” communicates with the “S” they need to be sincere, build a trustworthy relationship and give assurance on dependability.

It is also important to realize that every DiSC style is equal. There is not one style that is greater than the other, they all bring value. It is important to understand where you fall on the chart, but also how to connect with others.

Now, what style do you think you are on the DiSC circle?