How We Differentiate Ourselves as Executive Recruiters

Written by: Catherine Stier

The photo above is from an employment application that a pharmaceutical professional filled out for one of our clients, and it speaks volumes.

Here at Germer International we don’t see ourselves as a “staffing agency” as some may classify us. We are a partner, we change lives, we impact company culture & growth and we take a lot of pride in every step of that process.

You might be thinking – what makes you “so” different? – well, thanks for asking! Here are a few ways we differentiate ourselves:

  1. Our company culture encourages us to care.
    • Every time we fill a position, we talk about it at the weekly company meeting. You’ll never hear during that meeting how much money we made, or who else we beat out on filling that job. What you will hear about is the importance of the position to the client, how it impacted the candidate’s family, their happiness, their paycheck. We all care, a lot, about changing lives.
  1. We don’t disappear.
    • When a position seems too difficult to fill after we’ve presented multiple resumes, it may seem like we can move on to other projects, but that’s the last thing on our mind. When we commit to filling a role, and we have an engaged hiring manager, we do not give up. We get more creative, we dig deeper, we communicate and work together to find a way. We’ve even filled positions that our clients have hired retained firms to fill – on a few occasions.
    • When someone accepts a position, you might think our job is done. It’s not. We work with professionals on how they’ll give notice, making sure the background check process goes smoothly, the relocating process moves forward, and we even check in after a few weeks to make sure things are going well in the new role.
  1. We are a small company, with a big reputation.
    • If you’re reading this, you probably work in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s because 100% of our clients are pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We are one of the only recruiting firms who can say this. We all know that as “big” as this industry is, it can be a small world.
    • As a 10-person company, our reputation means everything. We pride ourselves in the fact that 97% of our clients have hired 3 or more people from us. We aren’t looking to make 1 placement at a company and leave. We enjoy getting to know organizations, what type of people are most successful there, and how to best promote them.

If I still haven’t convinced you that we’re different, I understand. It’s hard to put into writing, so you’ll just have to work with us to see for yourself. If you’re looking for help recruiting on positions in your company – or if you’re making a career change in the pharma industry – reach out to us! We look forward to meeting you.