Why Client Feedback is Important

By Hannah Ferguson

We have a whole process that we go through when working on positions for our clients.  When we get a new job, we start off by asking questions like, ‘what does your ideal candidate look like’ and ‘what skillsets are most important for this position.’  We tailor our search to meet the criteria laid out in the job description and by the client.

Most times, the criteria and “ideal candidate” change as we get deeper into searches.  As we present candidates and get no’s and yes’s, we use the feedback for why they like or dislike candidates as a way of gauging if we are on the right track.  Without this feedback from the client, it’s hard for us to be as effective in sending over suitable candidates.

Yes, we ask for client feedback because it helps us, but also because we understand the impact it has for the candidate.  We have all had the “job application black hole” feeling in a job search where you send your resume out and fear that you will never hear back.  Providing feedback, whether it is positive or negative, is constructive and (hopefully) makes their search less stressful.  As hard as it is for me to share negative feedback or let someone know that their interview didn’t go well for certain reasons, in the end, most people end up thanking me for the honesty.

Specific feedback is always helpful.  We put a lot of time and thought into our work and want to know that we are doing our best for our clients and for our candidates!  So, next time you are providing feedback on a candidate, remember to throw in some feedback, it’s more helpful than you think!