Following up, show your interest!

By Hannah Ferguson

To my surprise, a lot of candidates have told me that they “don’t want to show their cards” or “don’t want to seem too desperate” in a job search.  I agree that seeming too desperate may not come off the best, but showing too little interest can hurt your chances just as much.

Here at Germer, we like to say that the job search is a relationship and is more akin to a marriage than it is to buying a car.  It is personal!  Our clients want to see that the people they like, like them back and are excited to be part of the team.  Both parties involved have a personal stake in the matter and are at the beginning of (hopefully) a long-term relationship.

We recommend that after every interview, whether it is for an internship or for an executive level position, if you are interested LET THEM KNOW! Send thank you emails to the people who took time out of their day to meet with you.  Share reasons why you like the job and why you are a good fit.  Following up and showing interest not only makes you look professionally savvy, but also makes the client feel more comfortable in the relationship.