Pros & Cons of Remote Working

Written by: Sarah Yun

The 2019 global pandemic has brought a lot of unforeseen changes that has made remote work very popular. It has made many industries become more open to telecommuting such as HR, recruiting, sports, travel, IT, and the list goes on and on. Remote work has its benefits where it has given a lot of employees the opportunity to be at home more with their loved ones and create more of a work-life balance. On the flip side of that, there has been studies that have shown the effects of how remote work can impact communication gaps and isolation.

To start off, remote work has caused many to be able to establish a good amount of productivity. One of the biggest reasons of this is that there are less distractions. One can establish a good quiet, secure environment where work can get done. When you are working remotely, others are not able to come up freely to your desk and have discussions that will only slow down your work.  For me personally, I feel I am more productive and more collaborative when I am working from home. I feel as though I am more connected to my team and have more one on one meetings  with my peers so that we are both not being distracting towards anyone else in the office. Also, a lot of employers are starting to allow their employees to create their own schedules at home, which allows more flexibility in people’s lives as long as the work is able to get done in time. It also broadens the geographic locations for employers to recruit and retain top talent. Additionally, remote work has been able to give people more time with their loved ones. With long commutes to work while having to sit in traffic, remote work has saved travel time and costs. It has allowed people to be at home with their kids more and spend more time with their partners and families. This type of set up has also helped others to save commute time and be able to enjoy other hobbies outside of work, such as working out or going to the gym. It has provided opportunities for people to maintain and be consistent in building a healthy lifestyle. For instance, on days when I am remote working, I like to use that time I would use to commute to exercise or read a book.

On the other hand, there are also some cons into remote work. When you are remote working, you are missing out on the communication among colleagues. Although one can call or video chat, it is not as effective as to when someone is sitting right by you. In this setup, many are relaying on texting and video calling to communicate with team members. There has also been studies that have shown that some may have difficulty staying motivated when others are not around. In addition, some start to feel isolation or loneliness because of the lack of face to face connection.

In conclusion, remote work has provided better work arrangements while being able to allow people to manage their personal life better. As remote work becomes more and more common, the effects of it will also increase.  Technology has become more advanced in being able to help employees become closer even thorough a virtual setting. Although there are some down falls into remote work, it is important for those to stay motivated and continue to encourage their team members to strive for success.