5 Tips to De-Stress at Work or at Home  

Written By: Sarah Yun

In today’s world, the pandemic has caused many to feel overwhelmed with emotions in modern workday employees. It is important to be able to step back and take some time to yourself to evaluate ways you can produce better working habits in a healthy way. Stress can affect performance, communication issues & frustration. Here are some tips on some of the best ways I found myself to de-stress at work or at home:

  1. Meditate:

For me personally, meditation has brought a lot of joy and calmness in my life. I like to sit by the window and listen to a podcast or soothing music while taking deep breaths. This has allowed me to control my thoughts and my emotions in a calm way. It has also made me more aware of my surroundings and helped increase my productivity at work. Since the pandemic, my company has implemented a hybrid working model, and days where I do work from home I am able to have a peaceful lunch where I can de-stress and remove distractions by focusing on my breathing and increasing mindfulness.

  1. Taking walks:

I like to think this can go hand in hand with meditation. Another way I like to meditate and connect with my thoughts is being able to go on walks during my lunch break. This does not have to be just in the office, during your lunch break. On days where I work from home, I like to go on walks or maybe a run in the morning so I can clear my head before the day begins.

  1. Create a priority list:

For me, there is a lot that goes on in my day where sometimes I forgot to do the most important things. It is important to write things down so you can take some pressure off of your day. Once the list is made, you can let the list guide the rest of your day. You now have a better control over your work.

  1. Keep a Journal:

Keeping a journal has been able to help me be more in touch with my emotions. It has allowed me to write down my feelings on paper and has helped improve my mood. Sometimes I have those days where I really want to say something to someone and it might not be what they want to hear but journaling has helped me to think about my thoughts and feelings while letting me create more positive solutions to approaching problems.

  1. Organizing your desk:

I like to de-clutter and sanitize my desk every morning before I come into work. Even if my desk is not dirty, it is a habit that has formed for me to signal my brain to be notified that my day is starting on a good and fresh note. Clutter can cause stress and can cause distractions from what we really need to focus on. It is important to keep your work station tidy and neat so after meetings or long days you can feel more relaxed and feel like things are in order.

These are just 5 ways you can de-stress in your work or maybe even personal life. Because we are still in the midst of the pandemic, it can be hard for people to focus on their work or personal goals because we are constantly thinking about too many other things that are happening in the world. Hope these tips can help you improve ways to have a healthy work life balance! 😊