Is There Anything They Could Do for You to Accept the Job?

Written by: Catherine Stier

“Hi, I’m calling to decline the offer from your client.” 💔

This happens sometimes, and it’s usually unexpected. When we get to the point where an offer has been extended, we are confident that the person wants the job and we’ve talked through all possible scenarios with them to understand what an offer should look like for them to happily accept.

But, there’s something strange that happens when an official offer is presented. Things get serious, really quickly. This can invoke a lot of emotion. Sometimes it’s excitement, other times it can be fear.

If someone turns an offer down after previously telling us they would accept it – I have 2 choices. Lash out at the person for wasting everyone’s time (yes – I’ve heard that there are recruiters out there who do this! 😱) Or I can get curious. I must have missed something, or something has changed, and I’ll never learn if I don’t understand the disconnect.

Through this process of curiosity, I’ve learned to ask the question “Is there anything the company can do to help you say yes?”.  About 50% of the time, there is something that the company can do – that the person who is considering the offer might have never thought to ask.

Creativity is one of the skills recruiters at Germer International bring to the table. We’re constantly coming up with creative solutions to help professionals join our clients and for both parties to be really happy about how it happened.

So – if you’re calling me to decline, be ready for my question, and if the answer is yes – I can’t wait to try to make things work for you!

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