Be prepared for either a slow- or fast-moving interviewing process (emphasis here on Fast)

Written By: Les Schafer

After I am finished my initial introduction call with a candidate and it is clear that the candidate is interested in moving forward in the process, I will inevitably be asked, “How quickly are they looking to hire this person?”

Now some candidates want the process to move slow and others want it to move fast.

My answer will vary depending on the company we are representing.  Typically, my answer will be that it’s a 3 step (1 or 2 phone/video screens and then a 1 onsite or virtual onsite interview) process, and once they find the right candidate, then they will make an offer.  Now, it’s not always a 3-step process. Sometimes it can be 1 or 2 or even 4 or 5 step process.  But in the end, my toughest job is to prepare candidates that I just called, who may have not been looking and who are now interested, is to tell them that this process could move quick, and getting an offer in as quickly as 2 months. Once you accept an offer you will have to commit to a start date which is typically another 3-6 weeks out (allow for 3-5 days for a background check and drug screen, 2 weeks’ notice, and another 1-3 weeks for a potential move if relocation is needed).

The advice here, especially for those candidates who may have to move, is to be prepared. And if you are not prepared, do the work to get there. Have conversations with the family. Prepare a cost benefit analysis. Should you sell the house or rent it? Research the new area.

Why do all this work? The short answer is that to not do the work would be a disservice to you, your recruiter, and the company you are interviewing with. You’ll also be wasting your valuable time and others’. To do this preparation will be time well spent, and you will learn things that you didn’t know before and if this opportunity does not pan out than you can apply this preparation to the next opportunity. Plus, the company and recruiter will respect your professionalism and preparation that you brought to the process, and you’ll leave a good impression that could potentially open some doors for you down the road.