Building Trust

By Allison Flitter Delaney

Building trust with the candidates we work with is extremely important. The professionals we work with must trust us to fully represent them to a client with their expectations on salary, vacation, benefits, sign-on bonus’, visa status, etc. The trust that we have with our professionals cannot be built from one phone call, but over time with consistent actions. We will work with professionals over 2-3 decades, so we always want to continue to build that trust. When we submit candidates, we try our hardest to get feedback and always give that feedback to our candidates.

Recently, I was able to work with a professional who was actively looking due to his visa status. This professional was looking for a company who could sponsor their visas due to changes in their current employment. As many employers and people know, visa issues can be complicated, lengthy and cause issues during a hiring process. Luckily we had worked with this professional previously and had already started to build the trust with them.

As the offer stage got closer and closer, we kept talking to our client about the visa status. Although the organization was able to sponsor the candidates’ visa, the timing became an issue. The candidate needed his visa to be sponsored and start by a certain date. Since the candidate was open, honest and kept us involved throughout the process because we had built trust, we were able to work closely with the client to get the candidates’ paperwork filed by the right date.  If the candidate did not have previous experience working with us, knowing how transparent we operate, they may have held back and it could have caused issues at the end.