Every company is hiring, why should I work with a recruiter?

By Allison Flitter Delaney

There are many companies hiring right now. You probably see a bunch of different postings and are getting emails about a lot of roles that may be a good fit with your background and experience. Recruiters are probably also calling you about these opportunities. It may be easier to just go ahead and submit your information directly to the ad, but in the long run working with a recruiter can actually make the process easier. So, with all these positions, why would you spend your time working with a recruiter instead of just applying on your own?

First, a recruiter can help with the application to the position. Recruiters typically have details about the job and the hiring manager that may not be clear from the job description. A recruiter can present your information with specific details that are important for the job posting.

A recruiter will also have detailed information about the process. Some companies are starting to bring candidates onsite to interview while some companies are still conducting interviews virtually. Some companies can move through the process very quickly, while others have procedures and check points in place throughout the process. By having a better idea about the process, you, as the candidate will have a better idea of how to plan.

Planning is especially important in today’s market. Since there are so many positions open, you may be actively applying and interviewing for multiple roles. A recruiter will help manage the interview process with their client, while keeping the client informed of the candidate’s timing. Companies are seeing that if they want a specific candidate they may have to speed up the interview or offer process.