Seven Things I Learned in my First Year as a Recruiter at Germer International

Written By: Lena Obernesser

I started as a executive assistant and recruiter to John Germer at Germer International in May of 2022, after completing my Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  Working at this job has taught me many things but here are the seven main takeaways I’ve learned in my first year.

  1. Making phone calls are the key to success- the phone truly is your greatest teacher, if you’re afraid to get on the phone this is the first fear you need to conquer.
  2. Have faith in the numbers- statistics will help you figure out everything you need in terms of your success rate- trust that these numbers won’t let you down.
  3. STAY ORGANIZED- create lists for yourself and keep yourself organized you will be so much more effective find a method that works for you be it color coordinating, a mountain of sticky notes or keeping a planner whatever works for you do it!
  4. Have a good mentor and multiple people you can go to for support- I am lucky that my boss is a fantastic mentor but I’m equally lucky to have coworkers that are more than happy to help me when I need assistance, don’t be afraid to lean on the people that you work with, they are there to help you succeed.
  5. Read Atomic Habits by James Clear, and when you think you know it inside and out read it again and you’ll find something you missed.
  6. After reading Atomic Habits read Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck, many times you’ll learn something new every time.
  7. If at first you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again- Recruiting comes with highs and lows, it’s a hard job but it is a rewarding one because you get out of it what you put into it, if you want it you’ll go out and earn it.

Germer International

I would say that the biggest takeaway from doing this job would be how much I have learned from our clients as well as our candidates. These takeaways can also be applied to an individual starting a new role as a recruiter or for someone who is looking to get into that field of work. My biggest takeaways are to find yourself a mentor and some coworkers who are able and willing to help you work on improving yourself. Secondly getting and staying organized. Will help you not only in your job but also in day to day life. Lastly remember to be persistent and if you don’t understand something the first time or you don’t succeed right away just remember to be patient, trust the process and never give up!

I have learned so much in this role and I am so excited to see where the future will lead, there is nowhere to go but up! If you are considering getting into recruiting, I wish you the best of luck and hope that this insight was helpful.