Checking In with Your Recruiter – Why it’s a Good Idea

Written By: Catherine Stier, Director of Recruiting

In Executive Recruiting for the pharmaceutical industry, each recruiter at Germer International is working with around 15 folks who are actively in the interview process, while interacting with up to 50 industry professionals every day to continue to fill open positions with our clients. During initial conversations with job seekers, we typically set the expectation that as soon as we know something, we’ll let you know.

Here are a few reasons why you should still check in with us:

  1. It shows your interest!
    • There are some people who think about a position we’ve discussed and decide they aren’t really excited about it. But there are others who think about it and their interest grows. If that’s your situation, you should check in with a call, email, or text to your recruiter and let them know. The next time your recruiter calls the hiring manager to gather feedback, they will remember your name first and will be able to let the hiring manager know how intentional you are about wanting this specific job. It makes a difference!
  1. You might have new information to share that is valuable to our process.
    • It is valuable for us to know if you have other interviews going on. This can create a sense of urgency for our client, and we’d be happy to share it with them to give them the opportunity to move more quickly towards an interview or offer if they think you are a fit.
  1. Sometimes we haven’t had the chance to call you yet
    • This probably isn’t the reason you want to hear, but unfortunately our days can quickly be consumed with offer negotiations, interview preps, new position intake calls, etc. If you call or message your recruiter, hopefully you’ll catch them, and they can update you with anything new they know about the position.
  1. A new job has opened up!
    • If you are actively looking for a new job, it’s always a good idea to check out the tab on our website where you can review all non-confidential positions (Click Here to see it). You can always call your recruiter to get an update on the position we presented you for, but we are always open to looking into multiple positions until you find the right fit. The follow up conversation might lead to us presenting your information to an even better role!

If you’re ready to work with a recruiter who is always happy to hear from you, call or email Catherine at (610) 239-8032 or