A Journey Made for a Special Purpose  

Written By: Sarah Yun

“Thank you so much for all your support, it means so much to me”.  Working here at Germer International, one of my favorite parts of my job is being able to help people transition smoothly into their next job. I had the opportunity to work with an Operations Manager who was actively looking for an opportunity to be closer to his family. He was away most of the week for work and would travel back during the weekends. I had worked with him on two different roles. Unfortunately, the first job didn’t work out and we agreed we would keep our eyes open for the next.

That next opportunity came about a month later in an area that was only 30 minutes from his home. Although he wasn’t actively looking to leave his current role, a chance to be closer to his family and kids perked his ears and was an opportunity he didn’t want to miss out on.

During an initial phone interview with the hiring manager, he was able to learn more about the position and how he would be both leading a team and working hands on. With an increase in pay and title, in his eyes, it was the perfect role!

Although our client was still completing first round interviews, this professional continued to check in with me on the status of the role and I was able to develop a strong relationship. He became more vulnerable in every conversation I had with him and continued to express how important it was to get back home to his family. These conversations made me realize how much I could impact his life. I wanted to do everything I could to help him get this job.

After an onsite interview, our client called us right away saying they wanted to make him an offer! This highly technical pharmaceutical company was looking for someone who had the potential to grow a site and build teams. While on the other hand, this professional was excited to be able to work with such a great hiring manager while being able to utilize his experience and contribute to a growing organization. It was a perfect match on both ends.

Although my job is to help people find new jobs, this placement was very special to me because working with this individual made me realize how much of an impact I really have on people and their families. I was so happy that I could help this professional continue to do a job he loves, while also now being able to spend more time with his family and kids. He has been there for a few months now and we have continued to stay in touch! This was  an experience and journey I will truly never forget.