Recruiters as Allies: Navigating the Tricky Terrain of the Job Market

Written By: Jessica Goodman

In the world of recruitment, challenges often pave the path to success. Below are two stories that stand out from my experiences with candidates. These narratives not only showcase the complexities of the hiring process but also the value of perseverance and trust in candidate-client-recruiter relationships.

About a year ago I presented a candidate to our client for a supply chain role. Our client initially passed on her in preference of another candidate. However, circumstances shifted when the chosen candidate declined the offer. I still felt strongly about my candidate; she had the background and attitude needed in this role. Despite the client’s hesitancy, we advocated for our candidate by sharing her story and why we believed she would be a strong fit for the position as well as addressing any reluctances from our client. After some internal conversations, they were ready to move forward with this candidate. Although there were some setbacks, this candidate had shown great patience and trust in the process. Today, over a year later, both our candidate and client are happy with their decision.

More recently I was working with a candidate on a regional account manager position, and she was in a similar position. Although she had great conversations with our client, she was initially overlooked in favor of another applicant. Even with the news our client enjoyed their conversation but were moving forward with another candidate, she continued to maintain a positive outlook with our client and future roles. The tables turned when the client was dissatisfied with their initial hire after two months of employment. They reached back out to us asking to get our candidate back in the mix. Even though initially passed on, our candidate was still excited to pursue this opportunity with our client. A swift decision followed a second interview, resulting in her successful placement within a mere two weeks!

These stories highlight the intricate dynamics of the recruitment process. The journey from initial rejection to eventual acceptance highlights the importance of perseverance, trust, and effective communication in successful candidate placements. Are you ready to put your trust in Germer International?