But How Do I Stay in Touch?

Written by: Allison Delaney

Now that you read last week about how important it is to stay in touch with recruiters, even if you are not actively looking, you may be asking how can I stay in touch? I am here to offer you some simple ways to stay in touch with a recruiter you have worked with, or even to stay in contact with former work contacts.

  • Phone Call – Call and reach out to see if there are any new positions coming up in your field of expertise. Reach out on your way to work, during lunch or even on your way home. Recruiters are often working early/late to accommodate candidate’s hours. We love to hear updates from candidates, even if they are not looking for a new role!
  • LinkedIn – Are you connected on LinkedIn? Ask the recruiter to send you an invite, so you can easily find their information if you begin to search for a new role. You can send them a quick message and they will see when you make changes. Recruiters spend a lot of their day on LinkedIn and can quickly get back to you!
  • Email – When you think about reaching out to your recruiter, send them a quick email. The email could be to schedule a follow up or just to let them know you are still passively looking and would love to hear about any opportunities that come up.
  • Referrals- Has anyone reached out to you from your professional network that is actively looking for a new role? If so, pass along the name of the recruiter or ask your recruiter to reach out to your contact. This is a great way to stay in contact with the recruiter and former professional contacts.

If you are starting your search and looking to connect with a recruiter in the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device industry, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at aflitter@germerintl.com or 610-717-4904.