Going Full Circle


Going Full Circle By: David Naider Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to get to know a new candidate that we had not connected with before. It was just before the COVID-19 pandemic became widespread, and I never knew how this initial contact could come full circle to where I sit today. This candidate, with 15+ [...]

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My First Placement


My First Placement By: Jessica Gerber  My first placement as a recruiter was a challenge. On this search I was working with one of our clients who focuses on cell and gene-based therapies. Our client was looking for someone who had a long list of experience and skills. During the search, I came across a [...]

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out


How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out By: Jessica Gerber The job search can be extremely tiring and difficult at times. However, that is why there are recruiters out there to assist you in this process and find the right company and position for you. As a recruiter, one way I find potential candidates [...]

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out2020-12-29T14:09:17-05:00

How Companies have Pivoted in 2020 


How Companies have Pivoted in 2020 By Les Schafer What we have seen in the pharmaceutical industry in 2020, when it comes to opening and closing positions has been that the companies who were proactive and quick to adjust in implementing a virtual interview experience, were the ones who won recruiting in 2020. Being in [...]

How Companies have Pivoted in 2020 2020-12-29T14:10:19-05:00

What it Means to be in a Candidate-Driven Market


What it Means to be in a Candidate-Driven Market Written by: Sarah Yun “What is a candidate-driven market?” you might ask. I had a conversation with the President of Germer International, John Germer, to get his insight into what this could mean for the candidate & client experience in 2021. For one, to be in [...]

What it Means to be in a Candidate-Driven Market2020-12-28T15:20:30-05:00

Relationship Building


Relationship Building By Allison Flitter Recruiting is more than just sending a job description to a candidate and connecting them with a client. Everyday at Germer International we talk to candidates in-depth about their family, their salary, why they are looking for a new position, etc. These are tough conversations that we have so that [...]

Relationship Building2020-11-16T09:14:01-05:00

Why is a Recruiter Asking for My Salary?


Why is a Recruiter Asking for My Salary? By: Les Schafer Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “the good recruiters are here to help me”. Remember we talked about this in a previous blog (Why work with a recruiter)?  So, building from that conversation let’s talk about salary. Recruiter: “So, Mr. or Mrs. [...]

Why is a Recruiter Asking for My Salary?2020-11-01T11:50:50-05:00

Following up, Show your Interest!


Following up, show your interest! By Hannah Ferguson To my surprise, a lot of candidates have told me that they “don’t want to show their cards” or “don’t want to seem too desperate” in a job search.  I agree that seeming too desperate may not come off the best, but showing too little interest can [...]

Following up, Show your Interest!2020-10-19T08:57:38-04:00

Video Interviewing Tips


Video Interviewing Tips By Kelly Mikulski  In today’s challenging times more and more employers are conducting video interviews in place of in person interviews to fill the positions they have open. You should prepare for the interview the same way you would if you were going onsite and do your homework. If you have a [...]

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